"The Earth is uninhabitable. Nations unite with a single mission: preserve humanity.
As six Arks embark for a new world, the human race begins a new era - an era After Earth."

This was the theme of the Facebook application we developed for After Earth - Sony Pictures. The immersive 'Project Next Gen' experience took fans on Facebook through the journey to Nova Prime. Recruiting friends to build teams and completing challenges to preserve humanity were the core goals of the game. A series of challenges released periodically by the brand encouraged users to go back to the game for more content, while individual and team ranking systems fostered engagement with the game and the community.

We built a custom, fully dynamic front-end and back-end platform, structured to handle localization of the game in more than 20 languages while keeping game and user data in a central location. The front-end relied heavily on HTML/CSS based animations and asynchronous data loading. Capable of processing large amounts of data right in the browser, this structure allowed us to keep the server environment healthy despite the vast amount of processing required.