BBVA is a customer-centric global financial services group founded in 1857. The Group has a solid leadership position in Spain, it is the largest financial institution in Mexico and it has leading franchises in South America, the Sunbelt Region of the United States and Turkey.

The bank's innovation agenda is heavily centered on Big Data, which ties directly into data visualization tools that can help the organization identify strategic opportunities, perform risk/reward analysis and evaluate trends.

Using web sockets and a second screen approach, we built a data visualization tool that allows the bank to review and compare credit and debit card transactions in different areas of the city, coupled with check-ins on social networks as well as weather data. This tool displays data in the browser and uses a second device, such as a smartphone, to control how and what data or data sets are rendered on the main screen through a full duplex connection. The result is a highly robust, productivity application that can be controlled remotely to render complex data in a way that makes it easy to understand.

With this app we can easily get a glimpse, for example, of the volume of transactions, average spending and activity on Facebook in Barceloneta Beach on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and compare the same variables against data for downtown Barcelona and the historic center. Your mobile device is a remote control.

This trio gives us a visual representation of how a given area of the city is behaving both socially and financially at any given point in time and allows us to quickly identify consumption patterns in different locations, times of the day, spending behaviours by industry; well, the possibilities are endless!

BBVA - Spain
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