"Oh hey everyone. I'm Brian Wilson, currently a certified ninja; we know that. Also a master warlock. And currently number one in the beard Olympics; took home gold"

Coinciding with Opening Day, MLB launched a new marketing campaign titled "MLB Always Epic." The heavily Web-based and unconventional campaign showcased the compelling personalities of MLB's Brian Wilson and other star players, as well as other "epic" characteristics of the game. The site takes fans on a fanciful journey through the world that exists inside the closer's forbidding beard, leading to a variety of unusual scenarios that coincide with Wilson's fondness for ninjas and the obscure.

We built an immersive (literally!) experience using high resolution imagery and a few animation tricks, coupled with impeccable ActionScript coding practices. Gone are the good old days of heavy Flash and ActionScript development, and we truly miss them, we had a ton of fun working on projects of this type. Today we spend a lot of our time recreating things we built years ago in Flash, but all in HTML5 and CSS3, canvas, JavaScript and repurposing our ActionScript expertise - works like this are truly a reminder of what is possible, and what the near future may look like.

Our work was worthy of an FWA Site of the Day award, a seal of excellence and prestige recognized worldwide as the number 1 achievement for innovative web design and development. Credits to MLB's agency of record Hill Holliday and partner agency Heavenspot.