Fan Increase

Neuro drinks is a line of delicious, refreshing, functional drinks with a purpose, made with the finest ingredients from around the world. The create-a-SONICĀ® campaign invited fans and users to design their own bottle and create a flavour, for a chance to win $10k and a year's supply of their own creation.

The challenge was evident; we had to develop an engine to allow users to design the bottles in the browser, save them and share with friends to get more votes. We built a bottle designer all in HTML, capable of rendering designs in the browser using vector-based graphics, providing the user with a real-time visualization of their creation. Once we had a drawing in the html canvas, we exported the final rendering into a flat image for storage on the Amazon S3 cloud. On the mobile side, users where able to browse through a mobile-optimized interface, vote and share entries.

We also used our proprietary back-end system to allow Neuro to monitor the campaign including daily stats coupled with web analytics, fraud monitoring and management of entries and contestants. Villamedia's modular data management console is a multi-platform, scalable system developed to run on different server environments, currently setup on LAMP and MEAN stacks (php and nodejs respectively)

The contest was very successful, with more than 35,000 bottles created through the system in a month, and a whopping 351,424 votes! Our system also featured multiple fraud prevention mechanisms including CAPTCHA, IP-location checks and our own algorithm for flagging out more complex cases for further evaluation.