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We developed the desktop and mobile Facebook application for the Food Chain Reaction Campaign, through which Panera Bread encouraged users to start circles of friends and help build awareness of hunger in America. For every circle of 4 friends, a bowl of soup was donated to a person in need.

We integrated the application heavily with Facebook through the Graph API, allowing users to invite friends right within the experience through a custom interface, post on their walls and receive notifications when friends joined their circles. Thanks to the power of the Facebook platform and this robust integration, the campaign achieved tremendous momentum in a matter of days. The app was supported by several multi-zone Amazon EC2 instances behind an Elastic Load Balancer, capable of scaling up during peak times, and down when no additional compute power was required.

An amazing success, over 23,000 Food Chain Reactions were started by users on Facebook in the first three days. On the technical side, we had to react quickly and deploy twice as many cloud instances to withstand the server load (that's a great problem to have!), effectively doubling an already powerful server environment in a matter of minutes; one of the benefits of our experienced cloud architecting practices.